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Hi, I'm Mitch Yellen. Welcome to my profile!

Mitch Yellen's Bio:

  Mitch Yellen Dedicated Businessman and Husband   Mitch Yellen learned at an early age the value of pursuing his dreams while never compromising on his values.  Like many famous entrepreneurs and dreamers, including Walt Disney and Thomas Edison, Mitch decided to forego his early formal education to follow his goals.  He moved to Hollywood to become an actorwhen he was 18, and just a few short years later he met and married his wife, Windsor.  Mitch and his wife then left Hollywood to start a family in Northern California, where he kept his love of acting alive by organizing shows for the kids at a local Christian school he also helped start.      Northern California is where Mitch started to hone his natural business savvy while working as a money manager for Park Avenue Securities.  Over the next 13 years, Mitch grew weary of the unsound financial practices and risky investing he saw in traditional financial planning.  Eventually, he realized the way the entire financial system was structured was fraudulent, and he decided he could no longer in good conscience encourage people to follow these strategies.  Mitch walked away from a very lucrative contract in order to pursue a better method of financial planning that was sustainable and didn’t compromise his values.  Mitch modeled his new financial approach on friends who had successfully built wealth on their own using the concept of being your own bank.     Mitch then felt that God was telling him to move again, so he and Windsor and their five children moved to Colorado to answer God’s calling and provide an even better environment for a young family.  Since then, Mitch has been teaching his alternative approach to financial planning and investing, and has had great success starting and developing new businesses, including his in-demand Pinery wedding and event centers and the financial planning offered at the Personal Equity Institute.  Mitch’s unique business and investing techniques continue to help improve the lives of his clients and colleagues, and he still hasn’t lost sight of the value of pursuing your goals and dreams.  When he’s not busy with his many business interests, you might find him out performing roadie duties for his musically gifted children, who have now performed shows all around the world.  
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